The Making of a Sales Hero

“Sell”, as per a definition online is –

  • give or hand over (something) in exchange for money
  • persuade someone of the merits of

Now the very act of handing over something for money or persuading someone about the merits of a particular product or service, entails that the person or entity intending to undertake the activity has thought through and done the following –

  • Created an offering, be it a physical good or some form of service, basis a definite need for the same from someone (a potential buyer), with the intention of solving some problem of this potential buyer
  • Endowed the offering with some attributes which could be highlighted at the time of making a case for the same to the potential buyer

All very good till this point, but the key challenge is normally encountered after this, when the seller has to communicate his offering to the potential buyer. This communication can be done in a multitude of ways in today’s connected world. One of the ways in which it is still done, is the old fashioned way of direct communication, wherein a salesman engages in the presentetation of the offering to a potential buyer.

Most entities, post creation of their offering, expect the salesman to create magic for them on the simple premise that the offering in itself will speak for itself. Well, to an extent that does definitely matter, but the salesman is the actual hero who carries the offering to safety by ensuring that the same reaches the intended buyer.

To ensure that this happens the salesman needs to be fully equipped and the entity creating the offering needs to ensure that the salesman is indeed enabled to deliver the same.


As an organisation or a leader, are you ensuring that your sales personnel are being fully equipped and enabled to ensure that they come out successful in their daily operations ?

It will be interesting to learn from you, as to how you are going about the above process of enabling your sales team. In case you would like any form of help in enabling your sales team members, feel free to write to me on and I will be happy to connect with you to help out on the same. You can also connect with me on Twitter @sanjeevleader and on LinkedIn at