Selling with ‘The Right Words’

How often do we lose out – in sales, marketing efforts, employee retention – when we don’t use the right words. While our intentions may be noble, unless we state the same using the ‘right words’ there is a high probability that the other person may not understand it in its true sense.

Selling involves a lot of information sharing, with the hope that the seller is able to convey correctly the features of the offering that one is presenting to help resolve the areas of concern for a potential buyer. Here, post understanding of the customer’s needs, it becomes critical to help the customer understand it’s true relevance in a language that is fully understood. Hence, using the ‘right words’ matters a lot in selling.

Read this simple and beautiful post from Bernadette Jiwa from her blog on ‘The Story of Telling’ on why ‘The Right Words’ matter every time.

The Right Words | The Story of Telling